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FlexView v1.5

Digital Media Evidence Management

View, Bookmark, Notate & Securely Distribute

FlexView is perfect for anyone working with digital evidence by enabling the creation of easily illustrated, synchronized, multi-format, multi-display digital evidence presentations and secured evidence distribution in one easy to use utility.

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Digital Evidence Management

Encrypted Evidence Packages

Synchronized Telestrated Presentations


FlexView digital evidence libraries provide management tools, and enable the preview of videos, images, and documents, simplifying digital evidence management all from within one utility.

Presentation synchronization, telestration, and illustration tools provide video and photo zoom, notation and illustration capabilities, to highlight critical points and emphasize specific events without altering, or compromising any of the original digital evidence. Evidence custody chains and distribution become managable.

FlexView secured encrypted password protected case evidence presentation packages contain a digital evidence viewer and case notes, enabling digital file sharing and eliminating the need to mass produce and duplicate DVD.

FlexView v1.5 14-Day TRIAL FlexView v1.5 14-Day TRIAL

We pioneered secured digital media evidence presentation packaging...

FlexView Encrypted Evidence Packages are password protected encrypted projects available for presentation. Advanced presentation tools provide video and photo zoom, telestration tools and data tags to highlight critical pieces of evidence, all without compromising the original evidence. SIFT Packages can be opened on any PC with the free embedded player.

GPSIFT (Store It Forward Technology) enables securely sharing case evidence packages, including all the digital evidence, analytics, case timelines, notes, bookmarks, and telestrations. Packages can be encrypted and password protected for distribution to investigators, prosecutors, defense counsel and the court. FlexView secured packages are easily reviewed in the free integrated FlexView Viewer, simplifying evidence presentation in a view-only application.